Indian Spitz Price In India 2021 | Indian Spitz Puppy Price | With Monthly Expenses

The Indian Spitz is a very common pet choice amongst Indian dog owners; hence, you can easily learn about Indian Spitz dog prices in India. 

The British have introduced Spitz in India. After years of breeding in India, now the Indian Spitz can easily adapt to India’s weather. Dog prices vary based on their breed, health, and age. In this article, we have discussed the Indian Spitz price in India 2021. 

Spitz dogs are playful and loved by everyone for their cuteness and intelligence. They are easily available at low prices in the Indian market. 

The Indian Spitz is of an extremely friendly nature with loyalty. They are always happy to greet guests and family alike, but they aren’t as welcoming of strangers! This makes them great watchdogs who will bark at any newcomers who come too close for comfort.

If you plan to buy an Indian Spitz for the first time in your life, you must be aware of their nature, behavior, how to care, and Indian Spitz price in India

Don’t worry. This article will guide you on everything about Spitz dogs and Indian Spitz puppy prices in India.

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Spitz price in India 2021 – About Spitz Dogs

The Indian Spitz comes in two sizes, a smaller Spitz and a greater Spitz. These dogs have a square-shaped body. Their legs are short, and their feet are tiny. Their tail is short, curls over the back, and lies against the side of the body.

They have silky longhaired double coats with long fur on the body, making them look adorable. They have thick fur that covers the outside of the ear.

They are found in three colors: White, Brown, and Black, and their lips and nose are black. Spitz’s eyes are pointedly large, round and dark in the triangular shape. 

Let’s read further to know about the Indian Spitz dog price in India

Types of Spitz dogs Breeds and Indian Spitz price

There are around 50 to 70 Spitz dog breeds that exist. However, we’re sharing the most common and best Spitz-type dogs:

1. Pomeranian dog

2. Indian Spitz 

3. German Spitz 

4. Siberian Husky

5. Alaskan Malamute

6. Samoyed 

7. Finnish Spitz

Indian Spitz puppy price 

The Spitz dog price in India is very affordable compared to other dog breeds. The price of Indian Spitz in India depends upon 3 major factors, i.e., quality of a dog, buying location, and Breeder.

On average, Indian Spitz puppy price in India ranges from around INR 3000 to INR 8000. 

Spitz dog price in India 2021

Indian Spitz puppy price in India 2021 may be available to you for about Rs. 3,000 whereas the cost of Indian Spitz in India, having age of around 2 years may be priced anywhere between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 8,000.

You can see the prices of different cities, such as Indian Spitz price in Bangalore, Indian Spitz price in Delhi, and so on.

CityPriceIndian Spitz cost in India(monthly expenses)

*These are the estimated Indian Spitz dog price in India

Indian Spitz price in Kolkata

Indian Spitz price in Kolkata can be somewhere INR 2,000 – 6,000. You can also find them on Olx at Rs. 1,500. However, make sure to check it is a real and pure breed.

Indian Spitz price in Kerala

Indian Spitz price in Kerala at around Rs. 8,000. A purebred Indian Spitz is more expensive, but it is a healthier breed.

Indian Spitz price in Mumbai

If you are looking to buy Indian Spitz in Mumbai, then you can find them at Rs. 4000 -8000 as these are based on the basic Spitz, KCI registered, or show quality. Similarly, the Indian Spitz puppy price in Delhi is also available in these ranges. 

Price of a Spitz in India and features 

NameSpitz dog
HeightSmall Spitz 22 – 25 cmGreat Spitz 35 – 45 cm
WeightSmall Spitz 5 – 7 kgGreat Spitz 15 – 20 kg
Lifespan12-16 Years
TemperamentPlayful, Friendly, Active, Loyal
Puppy PriceIndian Spitz dog price in India ranges INR 3,000 – 15,000
PopularityVery High
ColorBlack, Milky white, Brown  
Common Health IssuesHip dysplasia
Appearance Square bodies, broad chests, short legs, large eyes
Breed groupSpitz-type
Spitz food1.5 to 2.5 cups of high-quality homemade, dry food a day, divided into two meals.
GroomingMinimum grooming with regular brushing of coats helps keep them looking confident and healthy
Exercise needs25 minutes in a day exercise or walk

Spitz Dogs nature 

Indian Spitz is a small dog who is highly intelligent and active. Indian Spitz is a small dog breed. They can take small jumps, crawl, and loud barks, making it lovable and a cute dog breed of India.

They have quick learning abilities to grasp tricks. They are excitable and always up for an adventure.

They are a highly playful breed and require social interaction. So, leaving them alone at home is not a good idea. Spitz loves sleeping a lot. The Indian Spitz needs to walk at least once every day, but they don’t require heavy exercise like most breeds.

One of the best things about the Indian Spitz is their joyful nature with children. They can play with kids and other animals for long hours without hurting or getting annoyed. Once they get connected with the home members, they will treat them as protective and loving companions.

Indian Spitz dogs are smart and can quickly pick up on human behaviors and alert their family. Therefore, they can be perfect watch dogs to alert you when they encounter a suspicious person. Remember, Indian SpitzSpitz is not a dangerous dog breed.

How to care for Spitz dogs?

Now, you are aware of the price of Indian Spitz Spitz in India. Let’s learn how to care for your Spitz dogs. Indian Spitz dogs love attention from their owners. The second thing you must know is that the Indian Spitz’s coat requires special attention. They need regular grooming coupled with once a two weeks’ bath. 

Make sure that your SpitzSpitz must get some daily physical activity to maintain a healthy weight, recharge their minds, and fight boredom. They are sturdy dogs with excellent disease resistance. 

Indian Spitz shed moderately, so brushing their coats is helpful to reduce shedding. 

Spitz puppies are the easiest to manage. To carry a puppy, you need to place one of your hands beneath your dog’s chest, support its hind legs, and rump with your other hand.

Cost of Spitz in India – Spitz Dog caring cost

Here are some additional costs that you need to keep aside for your Spitz. These are some extra costs that you need to additionally incur along with the Indian Spitz price in India 2021.

As their maintenance costs are not very expensive, you will find the Indian Spitz dog price in India is low compared to other dogs.

Vaccination and veterinary cost: 

Vaccinations are necessary to keep your dog healthy as they prevent dogs from various diseases like rabies, distemper, and hepatitis. 

Dog vaccinations start when a puppy is 6-7 weeks old. After, once the dog is an adult, they must have yearly vaccines and a rabies vaccine every three years. Indian Spitz vaccination may cost you around Rs. 1800 to 2000. It should be noted here that vaccination costs are the additional costs besides the Indian Spitz puppy price in India.

Indian Spitz is a commonly healthy dog. Thus, their vet costs aren’t expensive.

Grooming cost: 

Grooming is essential for every dog as it keeps them healthy and confident. It is also necessary for hygiene purposes. Indian Spitz love to be the center of attention; therefore, they must be properly groomed daily. 

Also, Spitz has fluffy double coats which need frequent brushing to remove their fur from dirt. If you do not want their hair all over your home, keep aside a little time to comb them regularly or visit the vet. Make sure to clean their ears and eyes regularly to avoid infections. 

Besides that, Indian Spitz requires minimal grooming, like regular teeth brushing and getting their nails clipped. So, the average cost for grooming an Indian Spitz puppy ranges from Rs. 2,000 – Rs.3,000.

Training cost: 

Indian Spitz dogs are intelligent to learn; you can teach them many tricks and commands. They are also stubborn, so you must train them properly. They can memorize new commands in 5-15 repetitions. 

And, on average, the training cost for Indian Spitz is around Rs.1,000- Rs.1,500.

Insurance and travel costs:

Before buying any dog, you must consider getting pet insurance. Indian Spitz is not at all dangerous. However, they are stubborn; if not trained well, they can harm someone (very rare cases). 

Besides that, you should take dog insurance for illnesses to cover the cost of unexpected vet bills. 

The Indian Spitz dog insurance premium ranges up to Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 6,000 depending on the insurance company you choose.

Accessories cost: 

Like Pomeranian dogs, Indian Spitz dog requires some essential accessories for their comfort, such as

  • Comfy Bed
  • Small collar and leash
  • Food and water bowls
  • Best dog food for Spitz dogs

Diet plays an essential role in your dog’s overall growth. We suggest you go for a nutritious and good quality food for your Indian Spitz. 

Providing them with a well-balanced diet is necessary; otherwise, it can lead to obesity or sickness. The Indian Spitz loves homemade cooked foods such as curd, rice, boiled eggs, fruits and vegetables, and roti. 

In addition, you can feed them meat, chicken, fish, cottage cheese as it contains the highest amount of protein. Overall, the Indian Spitz diet may cost you around 1000 – 1200 Rs.

What are the health issues a Spitz dog faces?

The Spitz dog breed can manage themselves to Indian weather and is a disease-free dog. However, there are some common health issues that they can face, such as

1. Patellar luxation: Patellar luxation is a situation when a dog’s kneecap isn’t situated in its proper position. If a dog has patellar luxation, he faces problems in straightening his limbs, which causes problems walking normally.

2. Hypothyroidism: The dog’s body doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone and causes dry skin and coat hair loss in hypothyroidism.

3. Anxiety: Spitz dogs love to stay with their near and dear ones. Don’t dare to leave them alone; otherwise, they suffer from separation anxiety.

Should I buy a Spitz Dog?

If you are a first-time dog buyer, then Indian Spitz is the perfect breed of dog. They’re healthy and require low maintenance compared to other dog breeds.

In addition, these dogs are perfectly made for apartment holders who do not have enough free space for large dogs. They love spending time with their known persons, kids, and other dogs and can freely live in small-sized apartments.

They can make excellent pet dogs and watchdogs too.

Overall, if you are looking for a budget-friendly dog, has low maintenance and is a good family companion, you must go for Indian Spitz.

Facts about Indian Spitz Dog

Spitz was introduced by the British; these were called “English Kutta” or the Englishman’s dog.

The Spitz was featured in the hit movie Hum Aapke Hai Kaun as ‘Tuffy’ and was later adopted by Madhuri Dixit. 

People usually get confused between the Indian Spitz puppy and the pomeranian dog. However, they are two completely different breeds.

How to buy a Spitz dog? – Where to buy

When buying an Indian Spitz, choose a reputed breeder who cares about the breed. Indian Spitz price in India can vary, depending upon the breeder and location. 

You have various options to buy a Spitz dog; here are some trustable places from where you can buy a Spitz dog:

1. Breeders: Buying dogs from breeders can assure you of their quality and health. Choose a breeder who has experience in caring for these dogs. Meet breeders and also visit the breeders’ homes to see the dog’s parents.

2. Broker: You can also approach some good brokers, who can help you to get a healthy Spitz buying deal. They will connect you with some reputable breeders and charge a commission of around 10-15%. 

3. Online: You can also buy pug dogs online. Many dog owners prefer to sell their dogs through olx. So you can search for pug dog prices in India olx. Check an “Indian Spitz cost in India” before buying.

4. Adopt: You can also adopt Indian Spitz free of cost by contacting some NGOs or local people to find a new home for their dogs.


In this blog, we have mentioned a range of Indian Spitz dog price in India, which will help you to be aware of Indian Spitz costs in different cities of India, such as Indian Spitz price in Guwahati, Indian Spitz puppy price in Delhi.

Overall, we found Indian Spitz is one of the best companion dogs and watchdogs to buy in India. If you live in a small space and have a limited budget for the pet dog, then Indian Spitz can be an ideal pet for your house. 

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