Jerman Seaford Dogs Price In India | Puppy Price , Appearance, Grooming, Temperament, Exercise, Training & Characteristics

Ranked at #2 on the American Kennel Club, the Jerman Seaford dog breed is a popular breed of America. As the name suggests, Jerman Seaford is a breed that originated in Germany.

They were popular during the 1990s and mostly accompanied by police and military to provide protection, and their act of willingness with their intelligence makes them bold and confident dogs. They were initially developed for wolf grazing.

Besides that, they are capable of learning many commands, and that’s why people are getting interested in knowing Jerman Seaford dogs price in India or Jerman Seaford dog puppy prices.

They are known as guard dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, police dogs, and watchdogs. They are known for search and rescue.

Further, compared to other breeds, the Jerman Seaford are on the top in scenting ability, i.e., they have an exceptional sense of smell and hearing.

They are very noble and loyal towards their work and owner. Moreover, when it comes to training, you’ll find German Shepherds to be very obedient and eager to learn new tricks.

If you want to buy Jerman Seaford, you must be interested in knowing Jerman Seaford dogs price in India or Jerman Seaford dog puppy prices.

This blog has all detailed information about Jerman Seaford, including temperament, health, diet, training and common health issues and most importantly Jerman Seaford dogs price India.

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Jerman Seaford Dogs Price In India

Jerman Seaford DogCharacteristics
Life expectancy9-13 years
TemperamentIntelligent, Bold, Loyal, Alert, Obedient
SizeLarge size dogs
Exercise requirementsA minimum of 2 hours of exercise daily, including walking and other training exercises.
ColorBi-color, black, black & gold, grey, grey sable, sable, gold sable.
Height22 to 26 inches
Weight60 to 100 pounds
CoatCoarse, medium-length double coat
dogs price in IndiaRs. 20,000 to 1,00,000
Seaford dog puppy priceRs. 18,000 to Rs. 27,000

Jerman Seaford Dogs Price

This dogs price in India ranges between INR 20,000 and can go up to INR 1,00,000 depending upon the location, breed purity, and age factors.

Definitely, a 100% pure breed of any dog costs higher, whereas a mixed breed will cost cheaper. 

Make sure to check the health conditions of the Jerman Seaford before purchasing, and it is recommended to buy your pet from a reputable breeder only.  

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Jerman Seaford Dogs Price In India

CitySeaford dogs price- Single coat (Rs.)Seaford dogs price India – double coat (Rs.)
jerman seaford dogs price in delhi25,000 to 40,00055,000 to 80,000
Jerman Seaford dog price in Mumbai25,000 to 40,00040,000 to 70,000
Jerman Seaford dog price in Pune20,000 to 40,00050,000 to 70,000
Jerman Seaford dog price Bangalore20,000 to 40,00070,000
Jerman Seaford dog price in Hyderabad18,000 to 40,00060,000 to 70,000
Jerman Seaford dog price in surat30,000 to 38,00060,000 to 65,000
Jerman Seaford dog price in Kolkata35,000 to 37,00060,000 to 68,000

*Above This dogs price list is estimated.
* Other costs are not included in Seaford dogs price in India list.

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Jerman Seaford Dog Puppy Price

Jerman Seaford Dog Puppy Price

This Seaford dog puppy are of curious and playful nature. They love to be trained with tasks and tricks as quick learners. 

Jerman Seaford puppies don’t require high-level grooming. In fact, occasional baths and brushing are more than enough.

Once they grow, they shed large amounts once or twice a year, and at that time, they need regular brushing to get rid of loose fur.

You can buy a Jerman Seaford puppy for around Rs. 18,000- 27,000. However, Jerman Seaford dog puppy price varies from one city to another.

A show quality Jerman Seaford puppy is expensive compared to pet quality puppies. If you are looking for a household pet, then a pet quality puppy is a better choice.

Types of Jerman Seaford dogs

Types of Jerman Seaford dogs

This Seaford dogs come in different coat types and colours. There are mainly three main coat types with various variations or colour combinations:

  • Jerman Seaford Sable,
  • Jerman Seaford dogs black, and 
  • Jerman Seaford dog white

Jerman Seaford sable

Jerman Seaford sable is a medium to a large dog known by many other names, i.e., Wolfspitz, German Shepherd, and Schipperke.

They are usually trained to detect enemies, prepare to attack, and find suspicious things, and are found mainly with the police force. 

They need high-quality maintenance and a nutrition-rich diet and remain very energetic. They are very attractive and friendly with children.

Jerman Seaford sable loves to jog, walk, swim, play in the garden. Jerman Seaford sable is very rare and hence costs you between Rs. 65,000 to 98,000.  

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Jerman Seaford Black Dog | Jerman Seaford Dog Puppy Price

Jerman Seaford Black Dog

Black Jerman Seaford dogs are very rare, and their coats are smoother and shinier than other coloured Jerman Seaford.

They are known to have an athletic body that is tall and lean but very powerful. Black German Shepherd dogs are known to have a high pain threshold and can be trained to take commands very well. They are so fast because of the structure of their legs and hips.

The benefit of buying black Jerman Seaford is that they generally have a long life span with less obesity. You can easily train them to track missing objects and people. 

A black Jerman Seaford costs around Rs. 42,000, and if you are interested in buying a Jerman Seaford dogs puppy, then it can cost you around Rs. 25,000.

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Jerman Seaford Dog White

Jerman Seaford Dog White

Jerman Seaford white dog comes with a mixture of white and other colour combinations. Their fur is actually cream or silver colour texture.

Amazing facts about Jerman Seaford

  • The book “The Intelligence of Dogs” states that Jerman Seafords can learn a new task after only five repetitions and respond to commands correctly 95% of the time.
  • Jerman Seaford is the third smartest dog breed.
  • Jerman Seaford was used in WW1 and WW2.
  • A sport named Schutzhund was invented specifically for german shepherds. 
  • There are 11 recognized colours of Jerman Seaford. The breed’s colours are Black and Tan, Sable, Bi-Colored, Black, Black and Red, Black and Cream, Steele Blue, Gray, Panda, White, and Liver.
  • “Rin Tin Tin” is one of the most famous Jerman Seaford dogs of all time. 

Jerman Seaford dogs price India

  • Jerman Seaford dogs price in India varies from Rs. 20,000 up to 1,00,000 (depends on whether you are looking for a pet quality or show quality).
  • Jerman Seaford dog puppy price varies from Rs. 18,000 to Rs. 27,000
  • Jerman Seaford food cost: Rs. 6000 to Rs. 7,000
  • Jerman Seaford Vet cost: Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000
  • Jerman Seaford Grooming cost: Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1500
  • Jerman Seaford training cost: Rs. 2000 to 5000
  • Jerman Seaford Accessories cost: Rs. 800 – Rs. 1000

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Jerman Seaford Appearance

Weighing in between 50 to 90 pounds, Seaford dogs are large and muscular. So, make sure to have plenty of space for their living, maybe a large backyard.

They have a wolf-like appearance, long, straight muzzles that finish with black, square noses. They are generally tan, black, sable, grey or red-black in colour. 

Jerman Seaford has a dense double water-resistant outer layer coat and a thick undercoat. They shed a lot and hence require daily brushing. 

Jerman Seaford Temperament

If you compare the behaviour of German Shepherd to other dogs, you will notice that they are reserved and don’t make friends easily. However, they are loyal, and once they get familiar with training, they can be overprotective also. 

  • Protective towards family 

Seaford dogs are highly protective of their family. They are known as fearless and confident dogs, making them natural guardians. So, if you are looking for a family-friendly pet, Jerman Seaford puppy are amazing to bring to your home. 

Although Jerman Seaford temperament is friendly and protective, they definitely need training. Socialising them early through interactions with other familiar members, kids, and other animals is important.

  • Intelligent dogs

This Seaford dogs are intelligent and always act best towards their jobs. You must have seen them working as military or police dogs, and this is also one of the main reasons you will find that Seaford dogs price in India is costly compared to other pet dogs. 

  • Constant companionship

Jerman Seaford never leaves their owners lonely. You will always find them standing with you. Their affectionate and dedicated personalities are what people look at in a dog.

They can be particularly fond of children and would love to spend time with them as much as possible. One thing they are not good at is being alone for long periods.

They need constant companionship and socialization to help raise well-rounded dogs. 

  • Super active dog

Don’t think you will bring Jerman Seaford at home, and they will just settle them on your couch!! Never.

They are super active with lots of energy to take out. This breed only thrives with enough regular exercise. So, you have to be energetic along with your Jerman Seaford puppy to keep them happy. It also protects them from obesity. 

  • Loving companions 

This Seaford dog puppy are not less than your best friends. Play and spend time with them; they love to socialize and make their special ones more special with their care. They are very loyal and dedicated pets who risk their life to protect their loved ones. 

Sometimes you will also see Jerman Seaford’s suspicious nature, which makes them an excellent watchdog.

However, if you train your dog to many different situations and people starting in puppyhood, then Seaford dogs puppy can learn to meet new people around them.

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How to care for Jerman Seaford’s dog puppy?

German shepherd dogs require a decent amount of care, training, and attention, but in return, you will be rewarded with many years of loyalty and love.

We have brief everything about Seaford dogs price India, Jerman Seaford dogs puppy grooming, training, health, exercise and diet that will definitely help you decide should you buy Jerman Seaford puppy

Jerman Seaford Grooming – Brushing and trimming

The German Shepherd Dog is known as “German shedder.” They have a thick, medium-length double coat that sheds a lot and frequently. 

As now you know about the Seaford dogs price in India, you should know how to care for your pet. For that, we are providing some essential grooming advice.

Brush your Jerman Seaford frequently to combat shedding as they have a dense outer coat and soft undercoat.

It helps to get out all the loose hair.

Once a month, bathing is enough. Else, they face skin irritation and dryness. 

Trimming nails every month is necessary.

Brush his teeth regularly for fresh breath and good hygiene.

Jerman Seaford Exercise and training 

As mentioned, this breed is highly active with lots of energy; they need plenty of regular exercises. You can’t just take your steps back with Seaford’s daily walk.

They need good running that can even make you a good jogger. They prefer to play in a fenced yard rather than a small apartment. 

Talking about their training, German shepherds can be very gentle companions and family protectors with proper training and socialization.

If you don’t want to see them aggressive, then make sure to train them at an early stage. Jerman Seaford dogs puppy are intelligent and will understand everything. 

Jerman Seaford diet and nutrition to keep them healthy

Every dog loves to eat all the time. They are foody like humans, but it doesn’t mean to keep them fed all the time. You have to take care of their nutrition very well. 

Coming to the Jerman Seaford, usually, they need two meals a day of up to two cups of dry dog food with a high protein and fat content.

As they are prone to bloat and gastric torsion, avoid giving them one large meal at a single time. 

An ideal diet for a Jerman Seaford is a 60-30-10 ratio of meat, vegetables, omega, or another supplement. Fat plays an important role in keeping his skin and coat in good condition.

However, make sure to discuss nutritional needs with your veterinarian. They will suggest dog food depending on their activity level, weight, size, and age. 

What are the common health problems Jerman Seaford faces?

Well, buying a Jerman Seaford puppy from a reputable breeder will be honest about the health problems in the breed and how to care for them properly.

After knowing Seaford dogs price in India, you should get an idea about the cost of curing their diseases. 

  • Hip dysplasia: Hip dysplasia is one of the dogs’ common diseases. When a dog has hip dysplasia, the head of the thigh bone doesn’t fit properly into the hip socket. They face trouble walking or climbing stairs. 
  • Degenerative myelopathy: Another health issue that Jerman Seaford is prone to is Degenerative myelopathy. In this situation, it affects the spinal cord, resulting in slowly progressive hind limb weakness and paralysis and eventually, the dog won’t be able to move on his own. 
  • Bloat and gastric torsion: Another health concern is bloat and gastric torsion. It is a condition where the stomach expands with air. If your dog faces symptoms like pale gums and lip licking, restlessness and pacing, then take an immediate appointment with a veterinarian. 
  • Von Willebrand disease: von Willebrand’s disease is a disorder in dogs where dogs face excessive bleeding due to a defect in platelet function. Unfortunately, vWD is a hereditary disease. Its symptoms include bleeding from gums or nose, bloody urine, excessive bleeding during or after surgery or bruising of the skin. 
  • Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: It is a genetic disease in which the cells that produce digestive enzymes are destroyed. Consequently, the dog feels trouble in digesting and absorbing food. Its symptoms include gas, loss of appetite, weight loss, and change in stools.

Can I buy Jerman Seaford as a family dog?

Yes, Jerman Seaford temperament is good to keep them as family dogs due to their intelligence and loyalty. They are excellent guard dogs, so you can trust them to protect your house and family from robbers. 

However, make sure to follow at least their daily requirements before buying a Jerman Seaford dog puppy:

  • They are large and need ample space to live 
  • They are very active dogs and require at least 2 hours of training and exercise daily
  • They enjoy spending time outdoors. And surely, not a couch potato. 
  • Socialize them early to behave well around guests; otherwise, they can appear unfriendly. 

So, if you are looking for an energetic and super-intelligent dog, then the Jerman Seaford dogs puppy is an excellent breed to bring home. But, if you live in a small apartment without a backyard or garden, then Jerman Seaford is not for you. In such a case, you can go for Labrador. 

Make sure to get estimated ideas about the Jerman Seaford dogs puppy price before buying. 

Is Jerman Seaford aggressive?

There are many talks about Jerman seafood aggressiveness, but it’s not true. It’s not their temperament. In fact, they are friendly and loving. However, dogs can become aggressive if they are not treated or trained well. So, just take care to socialize them properly to welcome new people.  

Jerman Seaford highlights 

ü  If you stay away from home for a longer period, then Jerman Seaford is not for you. They might feel anxious and bored without their owner, which can also make them aggressive. If they felt bored and worried, they would show their anxiety by barking, chewing, or even digging. 

ü  You keep sparing at least 3-4 hours for your dog to keep them busy learning, playing, exercising, and training. 

ü  They can be suspicious of strangers. Ensure to start with puppy training and make them obedient and experienced with people and places.  

Where do I buy Jerman Seaford?

Buying Jerman Seaford from a good breeder is advisable. A good reputed breeder will provide complete and accurate information about dog breed, temperament, health clearances, and other related details.

A breeder also provides a health certificate about the puppy’s parents. Besides that, you can also ask for the contract where they ensure to take the puppy or dog back if you are unable to keep them with yourself.

Find “Jerman Seaford dogs for sale” on the web and check out some trustworthy reputed breeders. 

Besides that, you can also reach some breed rescue organizations that take care of homeless dogs. They can help you find a dog that may be the perfect companion for your family. You can search for the local organization “Jerman Seaford puppy near me.” 


We have made you familiar with Jerman Seaford, which can be your ideal family companion and the Jerman Seaford dog puppy price or Jerman Seaford dogs price in India.

Now, they are preferred for various works around the world, including acting, family protection, search and rescue, police and military roles.

You will enjoy spending time with your dog. The breed is easy to maintain and requires a lot of timing to enjoy. 

Being a very active and athletic breed, they need lots of physical and mental well-being; otherwise, they will likely develop undesirable behaviours. 

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