Pomeranian Dog Price In India | Toy Pom Price In India 2021

Planning to bring a Pomeranian at home? You might be aware of the Pomeranian dog price in India, but do you know other caring and maintenance costs of Pomeranian dogs?

Pomeranian dogs are most popular in India because of their tiny body and the fluffy fur that makes them look cute. You can easily buy a pomeranian puppy online in India; I have also mentioned other ways to buy pom dogs.

This article covers a depth analysis of teacup pomeranian prices in India, what they love to eat, their grooming cost, health and care, and many other factors. 

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Pomeranian Price In India 2021 | About Pomeranian Dogs 

Pomeranians are small-sized dogs with thick fur coats. They are so tiny that they weigh only a few ounces and can easily fit in the palm of your hand.

They have foxy faces, rounded heads with prick ears. Their tail curls up. Pomeranians’ eyes are the most lovely, which are deep, almond-shaped with intelligence and curiosity. Their fur is double-coated, with a short undercoat and a softer, longer outer coat.

Pomeranians are very active indoors and are good choices for apartment dwellers and people without a fenced yard. Brining Pomeranians at home can fill your home with energy as they are very playful, and their toy-like appearance will melt your heart. 

They are tiny toy dogs that fill a room with enthusiasm, energy, and surprises.

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Types of Pomeranian dogs and Pomeranian dog price in India

There are many types of Pomeranians. But, only the standard Pom is accepted as a pure breed and recognized by the AKC. Pomeranian dog price in India is also based on the following factors:

Based on size and weight 

Miniature Pomeranian – Miniature Pomeranians are the smallest version of Pomeranian dogs and are also called TeaCup Pomeranians, Toy Pomeranians, Pocket Pomeranians, and Micro Pomeranians

Standard Pomeranian – The standard Pomeranian is a pure-bred Pomeranian dog accepted by all major kennel clubs.

Throwback Pomeranian – Such dogs are mixed breed and a lot bigger than a normal Pom. 

Based on appearance 

Fox Face Pomeranian- They have a fox-like appearance and have larger, round eyes.

Teddy Bear Pomeranian – The teddy bear Pomeranian has a much shorter face and looks like a teddy bear.

Baby Doll Pomeranian – The baby doll Pomeranians face is shorter than the fox face Pomeranian. They have larger teddy bear-like eyes. Its eyes, nose, and mouth make it resemble a toy baby doll.

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Pomeranian Puppy Price In India 2021

The average Pomeranian puppy price in India is between ₹5,000 to ₹15,000; it can go up to Rs. 50,000. And, this dog breed is not expensive as compared to other breeds.

So, in general, the boo dog price in India costs around 10,000 to 15,000 for a general breed and 35000 to 40000 for a good breed.

  • Here are a few factors that affect pomeranian price in India
  • Boo dog price in India will be high if the puppy is registered with the kennel club of India (KCI).
  • If the toy pom is registered as Champion breeds, then the cost will be higher.
  • Pomeranian puppy price in India would be higher if the puppies were used in shows performing well in national shows.

Teacup Pomeranian Dog Price In India

A teacup dog is relatively smaller in size than a regular small dog breed. They are so small that you can even fit them inside a cup, and that is why these puppies are called “teacups.” They are often sold for a hefty price. 

Teacup Pomeranian dogs are usually bred for business purposes, so they can be really expensive and sold at hefty prices. So, the teacup pomeranian price in India lies between INR 26,000 and 92,000.

White Pomeranian Price In India

The cost of a Pomeranian puppy varies depending upon various factors, such as its origin, the location from where you want to buy it, its age, the breed (pure or mixed), fur color, and health. So, based on such factors, white pomeranian dog price in India is between Rs. 6000 – 15000.

Pomeranian Price In India 2021

You can check pomeranian costs in India; I have mentioned prices of various cities such as pomeranian dog price in Kerala, toy pom price in Delhi, pomeranian dog price in Mumbai, and so on. 

PomeranianBasic Price in IndiaShow Quality Price
Mumbai₹ 8,000₹ 22,000
Prayagraj₹ 6,000₹ 20,000
Delhi₹ 5,000₹ 15,000
Gaziabad₹ 6,500₹ 15,000
Lucknow₹ 7,000₹ 18,000
Pune₹ 8,000₹ 20,000
Dehradun₹ 8,000₹ 22,000
Banglore₹ 9,000₹ 25,000
Chennai₹ 7,000₹ 20,000
Surat₹ 6,500₹ 18,000
Kolkata₹ 8,000₹ 22,000
Agra₹ 6,000₹ 21,000
Noida₹ 6,500₹ 15,000
Srinagar₹ 8,000₹ 20,000
Hyderabad₹ 9,000₹ 15,000

*These are the estimated cost of Pomeranian dog in India

Teacup Pomeranian price in Delhi

One can easily purchase a Mini Pomeranian puppy range is around Rs. 50,000 across India.

Pomeranian price in Kolkata

The Pomeranian price in Kolkata ranges ₹3,000-₹40,000, depending on various factors such as breed, locality, age, and health. In addition, you need to consider extra costs to take care of your dogs, like grooming, food, and medical expenses.

Pomeranian Dog Price In Kerala

The average Pomeranian puppy price in Kerala is between ₹5,000 to ₹15,000. This dog breed is not expensive. Your total cost of ownership should be around ₹50,000.

Price of a Pomeranian in India and features  

NameZwergspitz, Dwarf Spitz, Toy German Spitz, Loulou, and Pom
OriginGermany and Poland
Height18 cm – 30 cm
Weight1.4 kg to 3.2 kg
Lifespan13-15 Years
TemperamentActive, Playful, and Intelligent
Puppy PricePomeranian rate in India ranges INR 5,000 – 15,000
PopularityVery High
ColorAll patterns and colors, mainly White, Brown, Orange, Tan & Black
Common Health IssuesLuxating patella, Tracheal collapse, hypothyroidism, chronic skin infections, and reproductive hormone disorders
Appearance  The body shape is fairly square, tail curls up, rounded head and almond-shaped eyes
Breed groupToy dog group
Pomeranian foodDaily 1/4 to 1/2 cup of high-quality dry food a day, divided into two meals.
GroomingRegular brushing is required to reduce shedding and keep their coat cleaner and softer.
Exercise needsAround 20 minutes in a day

Pomeranian Dogs nature 

Pomeranian dogs are adorable and love to meet new people and other animals. They are pretty intelligent and do well in obedience.

The most common thing you should consider about their nature is that although they are small, they believe they are bigger than they are. You need to train them not to get tangled with bigger dogs. 

Pomeranian dogs bark loudly; hence can be excellent watchdogs. But, sometimes, they don’t stop barking, so you need to train them with some basic commands to stop barking. 

Further, their owner’s mood affects them as they can sense their owner’s mood extremely well. They can usually tell if they are sick or unhappy.

If the owner is happy and excited, then so is his pom. And, if his owner is not well, he will just stay quiet and lay down by his side.

Talking about Pomeranian dogs’ health, these are active dogs that do need daily exercise. 

How to care for Pomeranian dogs?

Your dog can’t speak; it’s the owner’s responsibility to understand their dog’s feelings to care for them properly. Here are some tips that you should follow to care for your Pomeranian dog:

Take care on hot days and cold days.

Pomeranians can be very sensitive to heat, but they can face problems such as heatstroke, panting, a bright red tongue, or pale gums in excessive heat. Similarly, they can get cold easily and avoid following you while going outside on bad weather days. 

Regular exercise 

Although Pomeranian dogs are highly active and aren’t prone to obesity, make sure to take them for some walks or engage them in playing activities to stay healthy. Offering them some safe chew toys can help them to remain energized full day.

Groom them daily

A Pomeranian dog needs regular brushing. Daily brushing will help reduce shedding and keep their puffy coats in shape. The double coat requires regular grooming, can be once or twice a week and daily sessions during shedding season.

Cost of Pomeranian in India – Pomeranian Dog caring cost

Let’s check other associated costs along with toy pom price in India that you need to incur throughout the year.

Vaccination and veterinary cost: 

Pom is a healthy breed of dog; hence it doesn’t require much cost for medical. However, it is advisable to ask the breeder whether your pom is vaccinated because the mini pomeranian price in India may not include vaccination costs.

In addition, you must visit a vet near you to get an idea about their future vaccinations and medical expenses that you need to incur on your pom.

Each vaccine costs between Rs. 750 to Rs. 1,500 depending on the vaccine and the puppy’s age, and the average Pomeranian annual medical expense should be approximately Rs. 1,500, which shall include 

  • Deworming cost
  • Neutering/Spaying cost
  • Others
  • Grooming cost: 

Poms require daily grooming to manage their fur due to their lush double coats. It’s essential to brush your dog’s coat regularly to keep them smooth and free from tangles. Poms also shed their hair frequently and in large amounts. So, if you own a Pomeranian, groom him at least three times a week. 

In addition, take your Pomeranian to a professional groomer every four to six weeks for complete grooming. This includes bathing, trimming, and brushing, and cleaning ears, nails, and anal glands.

You can buy the following to groom your puppy:

  • Grooming brush
  •  Shampoo and conditioner
  • Dog nail clippers
  • Towels

Training cost: 

A Pomeranian dog thinks and performs as he gains increased self-esteem and becomes more confident when he feels comfortable at his home. Therefore, pomeranian puppies must be trained early as they can be the primary target of large dogs due to their small size. 

Did you know that pom is a famous circus dog? This breed can learn and perform tricks quickly. You can train them by watching some Youtube videos or hiring a professional trainer.

If you decide to hire a dog trainer, it will cost you approx ₹ 5,000 to ₹ 7,000.

Insurance and travel costs: 

Before buying any dog, you must consider getting pet insurance. Pomeranian dogs live clumsily, so accidents can happen. Therefore, you should take dog insurance for illnesses and accidents to cover the cost of unexpected vet bills. 

The dog insurance premium ranges up to Rs. 10,000 depending on the insurance company you choose.

Accessories cost: 

Buy some accessories for your pom dogs for their comfort

  • Bed
  • Small collar and leash
  •  Food and water bowls
  • Poms love toys and tennis balls

Best dog food for Pomeranian dogs

Their diet should be high-quality with plenty of protein. Some best dog foods for Pomeranians are:

  • Royal Canin Small Indoor Adult Dry Dog Food
  • Hill’s Science Diet Adult Dog Food, Small Bites Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • Wellness CORE Grain-Free Small Breed Turkey & Chicken Recipe Dry Dog Food
  • A high-quality diet for Pomeranians may cost you around 1200-2000 rs.

What are the health issues a Pomeranian dog faces? 

Generally, Pomeranians are a pretty healthy breed and can live their expected life expectancy. However, there are some common health problems in pomeranians; you should keep an eye for the symptoms to take them to the vet immediately:

1. Tracheal Collapse: The trachea (windpipe) is a tube via which air travels to and from the lungs of dogs. A Pomeranian’s neck is quite delicate, and tugging on their neck collar over a long period can be the reason for collapsed trachea.

If your pomeranian is making honking noises or cough-like sounds, then it may have collapsed tracheas. Also, dogs that are overweight are at a higher risk of Tracheal collapse. So ensure that your dog gets its regular exercise and diet.

2. Eye problems: Eye problems in the Pomeranian breed are usually common due to their long eyelashes. It strains their eyes and causes discomfort.

Another eye problem in the pom is Cataract. Cataract symptoms include cloudy eyes or redness or swell around their eyes. Due to this, your pom faces difficulties in their vision and most likely can lead to blindness if not treated early.

3. Skin allergy: Pomeranians usually have dry skin. You could see redness, peeling, or flaking of the skin. So, when you see your dog peeling off its skin and feeling irritated, you must take them to the vet as they are prone to skin allergies.

4. Pomeranian Patella Luxation: The most common Pomeranian health problem in many of the “toy” dog breeds is patella luxation or slipping kneecaps. Never allow a young puppy to jump down from steps, beds, or furniture. Keep them fit with little daily exercise. 

Should I buy a Pomeranian Dog?

If you are planning to buy a first-time dog, then Pomeranian is an excellent choice. Pom dogs are small, easy to maintain, and a perfect guard dog. 

You don’t need to spend much time training them as they are intelligent and learn things quickly. Moreover, they are active and don’t need tons of living space and exercise. 

They are good apartment pets but remember they can also bark a lot, which might trouble your neighbors. But providing them training, plenty of exercises and playtime can give them lots of love and attention.

Due to their tiny size, they’re happy being indoor pups, love to play freely in the fancy yards, and love companionship. Also, the toy pom price in India is not very high.

How to buy a Pomeranian dog? – Where to buy

Lastly, we would suggest you buy a Pomeranian dog from a reputed breeder, or you can plan to go for older pomeranian puppies and start thinking about adoption. 

It may be surprising to know, but adopting a Pomeranian puppy is possible. There are numerous Pomeranian dogs available in dog shelters, NGO’s and other dog adoption centers in India. Toy pom price in India might cost you less or be free of cost.

If you’re buying a puppy from a breeder, find a good breeder who will show you health clearances for both your puppy’s parents. 

Besides that, you can buy pomeranian puppy online in India, such as from olx. 


Now, you got the idea about white pomeranian dog price in India, teacup pomeranian dog price in India, or toy pom price in Delhi. Make sure to consider all prices before buying any dog. 

Pomeranians are more than just adorable fluff balls of fur. They are loyal companions and great watchdogs. Pomeranian dog price in India is low as compared to other breeds. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly and low-maintenance dog, then you should definitely go for a Pomeranian. They are also a great choice for first-time dog owners. 

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